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Art. SC1
Scudo Oplitico IV sec a.C.
Art. SC2
Scudo oplitico IV sec. a.C.
Art. SC3
Scudo Macedone IV e III sec. a.C.
Art. SC4
Scudo Repubblicano II secolo a.C.
Art. SC5
Scudo Illirico utilizzato anche dalla guardia pretoriana
Art. SC6
Scudo da princeps
Art. SC7
Scudo cavalleria sportiva fine II sec. d.C.
Art. SC8
Scudo cavalleria sportiva III sec. d.C.
Art. SC9
Scudo cavalleria Ala Flavia III sec. d.C.
SC10 parmula ausiliarioI V sec.d.C.
Art. SC11
Scudo piatto reparto ausiliario III sec. d.C.
Art. SC12
Scutum tipo A da 110 cm
Art. SC13
Scutum tipo B II sec. d.C. da 110 cm.

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The production is classified in the category of DECORATIVE OBJECTS, is therefore considered to be of free sale and possession (Ministerial Circular No. 559 of 16.12.1995).

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